To Capture Last modified date of the file

If you want to capture last modified date of any file, you can use below code.

Sub test()
Dim fso As Object, myDir As String, fn As String, myFile As String, myDate As Date, maxDate As Date
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
myDir = "C:\temp"
fn = Dir(myDir & "\*.csv)
Do While fn <> ""
myDate = fso.GetFile(myDir & "\" & fn).DateLastModified
If maxDate < myDate Then
myFile = fn
maxDate = myDate
End If
fn = Dir()
MsgBox myDir & "\" & fn & " : " & maxDate
End Sub

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as said...

What needs to be modified in this code so that i get only the last saved file from the location?